Senior Interview Recap

Criselda Moreno, Editor

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On Tuesday May 28 and Friday May 29, 2015 senior had their exit interviews. The students were expected to have completed a E-portfolio, in which they had to include their best work of their high school experience. Some students were going to be interviewed by three people, some by two.

“I was nervous at first, but when the time came I felt confident”, said senior Joe Rico.

Some of the qualities that the interviewers were looking for were the following : students arriving on time, professionally dressed, and being able to respond to challenging questions about their portfolio.

“When I got my report back I was in shock because I got outstanding four’s and positive comments, I think that I stressed out a lot for the interview, I did not noticed that I was ready to overcome this challenge”, confessed Rico.

Overall the exit interviews are made to prepare seniors for the real world. Many faculty members and guest took their time to help Santa Ana High School Seniors build interviewing skills and help them take a huge step towards their future.

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