Thanksgiving Food On Its Way

Litzy Alcaraz, Staff

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     Gobble, gobble, gobble……Thanksgiving is almost here!

     Many students and families have different types of dishes for Thanksgiving.  Of course there’s the traditional feast of turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, ham and varieties of delicious pies. But how about mixing it up this year and go down the non-traditional feast?

    This year mostly everyone will be having turkey, but with many unoriginal recipes set for the table.  Some ways Saints prepare their turkeys are: herb and lemon stuffed turkey, apple brained turkey, classic turkey with giblet mushrooms, gravy and many more flavorful ways.

    In a recent survey done by students at Santa Ana High School, 5/10 servers stated that they will be eating turkey this Thanksgiving.  3/5 servers will be making their Thanksgiving with a secret recipe.

    SAHS students, like freshman, Emily Becerra,  and junior twins, Iandra Estupinian and Leandra Estupinian, stated that they will be having many different types of foods for this Thanksgiving. Especially mama’s secret recipes. 

” I really love my mom’s recipe of green bean cassarole,” said Estupinian. ” I can’t wait until Thanksgiving for that dish.”

There are many recipes for Thanksgiving that family and friends will enjoy this year. What Thanksgiving recipe is your favorite?



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