Get the Chromebook, Get the Insurance

Litzy Alcaraz, staff

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   Jealous because you’re not a freshman? Well don’t get upset yet because since freshman got their Chromebooks, they also got the insurance policy. The insurance is if your Chromebook gets stolen or damaged,  the sc
hool will fix it or replace it and you won’t have to pay anything. Teachers prefer for freshmen to get their Chromebook’s insurance and avoid the hassle of paying in full amount. The deal is a pretty good one because the insurance includes $44.30 and for the deductible it will be $300 for coverage length this year.

   There’s also many different types of deals like for Premium its $36.20 but you still need to pay more for the deductible which is $100.  Most freshmen will just stick to the $44.30 because its saves a lot of money and the damage coverage won’t effect them at all.

   “I’m getting the insurance of $44.30 because it will save me money and if my Chromebook gets stolen, I’m all good,” said  freshman Pricila Ceja.  DSCN0913


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