Say No to Drugs

Litzy Alcaraz, Staff

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   Get into the spirit!!! It’s Drug Awareness Week at Santa Ana High School and spirit week has been promoting the saying,  “Just say no to drugs.” Starting the week was Pajama Day, Tuesday-Twin Day, Wednesday-Jersey Day, Thursday-Blackout Day, and Friday-Costume Day. Spirit week was a fun way to participate in school activities and earn some extra credit  for classes. Many students thought that celebrating for Drug Awareness Week was great because they believe that a lot of teenagers need to be exposed to the danger of drugs. Thursdays Black Out Day helped support and let students express themselves by wearing full on black, representing the death of drugs, and remembering to say “no to drugs.”

   Frank Alfano says, “ I enjoyed Thursday Blackout Day because it describes his feelings.”

   Plus as a bonus for Drug Awareness Week, students received red bracelets, which they could trade in for Slurpies at 7-Eleven for staying drug free.

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