Pearl Harbor Day

Litzy Alcaraz, Staff

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Pearl Harbor Day is a memorial held on December 7th.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military attack from Japanese Navy against the United States. The attack was centered for the United States homeland.  However  the attack struck the land of Hawaii on the morning of December 7, 1947.

The attack lasted for two hours and the Japanese Navy destroyed nearly 20 American  naval vessels. More than 2,000 American soldiers and sailors died that day, along with another 1,000 wounded.

After the horrendous attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. This era of war had then marked a dark spot of American history but it was necessary for our country to flourish once again.

Students at Santa Ana High School commented about the Pearl Harbor Attack.

Carla De La Riva said, “It’s sad what happened,” said Carla De La Riva.

“The Japanese didn’t give a fair warning to the American government before they bombed Pearl Harbor therefore the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were justified because the Japanese could have surrendered,” said Alondra Ojeda.

Even though this attacked happened almost 68 years ago, many on-duty and veteran soldiers still honor the many brave men that fought and the many lives that were lost to protect their home.

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