LAUSD Bomb Scandal

Litzy Alcaraz, staff

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   LA took it very seriously by closing the entire LA district when they discovered a bomb threat was made against schools and risking student plus staffs lives before Christmas break was out.

   On December 16, an email threat was sent to many Los Angeles Unified School board members. The email threat mentions many violent uses toward the LA schools such as explosives devices, assault rifles, and pistols. The email was traced to an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany according to the source of the law enforcement looking into the case.

The sources of the law enforcement stated that the person responsible for the threats could have masked their location and it’s believable that the person could be much closer than Germany. The sources of the school police stated that the district officials have been looking into the threat since 10 P.M. Monday. Authorities plan to search all LAUSD schools, including character schools and special education centers. The threat involved devious schemes of backpacks and packages left on campus that contained explosives.

   Los Angeles is one of the nation’s second-largest district closing all schools due to the serious threat.

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