A Year In College For Free

Litzy Alcaraz, Staff

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Santa Ana College is giving incoming freshman a first free year of tuition.

The Tuition-Free Freshman Year program will pay one year of tuition, including fall and spring semester, for incoming freshman in the Santa Ana Unified School District.

This educational program was made possible from the generous increased funds provided by the the Santa Ana College Foundation (SACF), a board of directors who believe in helping students get a head start toward their potential future.

The intention of free year of college was started by America’s College Promise Initiative launched by the White House and the U.S Department of Education.

To be eligible to be in the freshman program, any seniors in the SAUSD must graduate from their high school. That’s it!

So seniors don’t let this opportunity pass and register now for you could get into this program, and get your first year of college for free.

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