DIY Halloween Costumes

Litzy Alcaraz, staff

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     Halloween is getting closer and you ask yourself, “What demon will I be this year?”

        Many people prefer to waste money and buy their costumes, but wouldn’t it better to do a “DIY”? When you “Do It Yourself”, you could design your own costume and make it exactly how you want it. By DIY, you could save plenty of money! For example painting your face and pairing it with some matching clothes would do the trick. Many people like to do this because it makes your costume look more realistic.

          You could also create your costume out of your old clothes and up-recycle (make something new with old clothes or stuff). Like if you want to be a rag doll all you got to do is put many pieces of old shirts together and Voila! You got a rag doll dress. You don’t have to just stop there! You could also make costumes with pieces of paper, cardboard, hot glue, and tiny accessories from the dollar store. 

          What about making an owl mask with cardboard and becoming an owl or wearing brown clothes and sticking flowers on them to look like a tree? Also you could use plastic garbage bags by cutting them into wings and wear all black so you can become a bat.

          There are many different creative minds out there which means there is an endless supply of ideas for DIY costumes. Don’t waste your money this Halloween on buying customs and instead….Do It Yourself!

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