Trendy Fashion; Self Expression

Litzy Alcaraz, Staff

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There is a lot of diversity involving people and clothes. In fashion, people are able to express themselves in a nonviolent way. It does not necessarily identify who they are or what they want to be, but it is a fun way for a person to extrovert themselves.

 The trends of today vary in different categories, expanding fashion in a rapid pace. For example, there is the goth/witch trend that mostly wear all black and express themselves through the dark shades.

Carla De La Riva, a former Santa Ana High School student, gave her opinion on the subject. “Clothing is a very important aspect in my life, but due to my laziness, I will never become a fashion nova,” De La Riva stated.

Although it may be considered a fun creative outlet, some people rather keep it less extravagant. Another fashion statement are the hipsters who often wear tight jeans, collar shirts, and beanies or hats. Hippies has also been known to be a fashionable trend nowadays in school. It is trending as a comeback. They are characterized with clothes that involve long, flowing skirts, colorful bright crop/loose shirts, and free flowing hair. Many famous people use this specific fashion trend, mixing into today’s style.

Another appearing fashion style that occurs in today’s society is a girly twist to a rock style. An example of this particular taste is a pink skirt with a tucked in Nirvana shirt and black boots. This style preference can also be matched with a big goth hat, a spring navy blue with yellow sunflower print dress, ripped tights, and combat boots.

Although it is fun to mix styles and try new trends, what makes our generation’s style taste more unique, is that a casual day can also be trendy. This is achieved in many ways, personal to each individual’s style choices. A very common example can be semi baggy sweat pants, Nike’s or clean comfortable shoes with a fitted shirt.

A mass majority of our generation does not identify only to one style. There is a mixture of all; fun and classy, edgy and sassy, sophisticated and free. Styles do not define who people are, they are only a vessel of self expression.

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