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Litzy Alcaraz, Editor

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Litzy Alcaraz


August 29,2017

The way to represent the Santa Ana High School

The first week of the new school year ended in a assembly of IRRA(integrity, respect, responsibility,and acceptance). The assembly was on Friday August 18 2017 in the main auditorium .The freshmen went during their second period, Sophomores during third period,  juniors during fourth period and finally the seniors during fifth period.

In the assembly the assistant principles  first introduced the new assistant principal Gannon Burks. Burks moved from Lorin Griset to Santa Ana High School. He said he is  busier now than he was before because Santa Ana High School is a much bigger school with a couple thousand more students and Lorin Griset which only has 351 students. Burks plans to develop a relationship with the staff, students and parents  which is why he stated that  his door will always open. Burks explained the expectations Mr Bishop has for the students, for example to clap once when he says eyes or to clap twice when he say ears.

Junior, Jocelyn Arroyo gave her opinion on the assembly by saying, “ It was a good assembly because it wasn’t as long as the other ones.”

Assistant principal Dan Granite spoke about the rules and expectations. Granite stated the reasons students could get expelled for he also explained how the students need to appreciate the custodians more by throwing away their trash and keeping the area clean during lunch. The dress code was also mentioned. No hoodies on in school,hats that do not represent Santa Ana High School are not allowed, as well as any clothing that shows underwear, shoulders or stomach.

Finally assistant principal Suzanne Mulholland spoke about attendance how it is very important to attend school on time every day ready to learn.She also mentioned that this year there will not be anymore readmits but the students still need to bring a note. She will also prefer if the parents of the kids could call the night before to inform that they will be absent. Three unexcused absence will result to a warning from the district.

Integrity, respect, responsibility, and acceptance is the way to represent Santa ana high School.

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