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Fatal Protest in Charlottesville

Elia Tovar, Editor

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Elia Tovar, Editor

Monday August 29, 2017


On August 12, 2017 there was a protest organized by white supremacist Jason Kessler, to protest the the plan that the city had to take down the statue of confederate Gen. Robert E Lee. One person was killed and 19 were injured due to a alt-right member (white supremacist) who was later convicted of second-degree murder and other charges.


That same day 2 officers died in a helicopter crash, the officers were responding to the Charlottesville protest. President Trump later gave a press conference about the Charlottesville protest and said that “both sides” were at fault. The governor of virginia, Terry McAuliffe in other words said that the way the alt-right acted was not ok and it was evil.


Junior Carla De La Riva shared her thoughts on the protest,  “It’s sad to see the human race fight each other like that’ she also stated “ we should be united and love each other, violence is never the answer”.


McAuliffe stated in a press conference “They get out of bed every day to hate people and divide our country”. He also said that the alt-right should get out of the U.S because they are not true americans based on how they acted.


It’s been a little over a week and people are still shocked by the events that happen two weeks ago. The statue of Robert E. Lee was covered by a black tarp due to the chaos it caused. A memorial was held for the two officers that died that day.

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Fatal Protest in Charlottesville