K-pop’s popularity in the U.S on the rise!

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K-pop popularity in the U.S on the rise!

By Amber Barajas

Korean pop music known as K-pop is a genre of music originated in South Korea. It is mostly inspired by a range of styles and genres from the West, such as Western pop, rock, jazz etc. K-pop is getting popular in the U.S due to the “Korean Wave.”

The “Korean Wave” consists of not only K-music which is very popular. There’s also “K-fashion”. Which it’s mostly influenced by Western fashion. Mostly K-pop fans wear these type of clothing. K-pop idols wear them a lot and that influences their fans to do so as well.

[One of the K-entertainment’s biggest act, K-pop boyband BTS attending the Billboard Awards 2017 for the ‘Top Social Artist” award.]

Due to this ‘Korean Wave’ as well the Korean market is thriving in America, a lot of K-pop stores are opening. Events are held called ‘K-con’ in LA, these events share K-culture and hold a concert towards the end. K-pop stars perform and after interact with their fans in a hi-touch. A hi-touch is when the fans are allowed to make any contact with the stars like holding hands, giving a high five and talking to them. Most of their audience are students or up to adults who mostly show interest in this genre of entertainment. Interviewing two fans here in California from SAHS, they were asked what they mostly liked about the genre and entertainment and how long they have been fans of this “Korean wave”.


Senior Joseline, Linares:

How long have you been a fan?

I’ve been a fan since middle school around 2013. It’s been a very long time and I still enjoy listening to K-pop.

What is it that catches your attention about this “K-entertainment”?

The way the groups are so hard-working, many celebrities in the K-world have to train since a young age and grow up doing just that. Their training is difficult as well, they have to sing while dancing. Some of them even act in K-dramas while performing with their bands. So most of the celebrities have a tight schedule and are always on a go. Many produce their own music as well like the group “BTS”,  they write and compose their own music while taking care of the choreography as well. It’s just so amazing to me how they keep up with everything so well and their fan service is wonderful. They interact with their fans on social media and on a app called, “V app” in this app stars go live have broadcasts and have conversations with their fans.

Do you know many people that like this type of entertainment as well?

Yes, of course around 20 people or more in only my circle of friends that like K-pop. Some friends here in  SAHS, we’re even planning on opening a K-pop club officially after school if we can. It’s going to be so much fun!


Senior Liliana, Neri:

What do you find appealing about “K-fashion”?

What I find appealing about K-fashion is that it’s fun. You can wear mix and match clothing and it will not look bad. It’s also about how the person fits with the style. The clothes don’t really make the person. You have to have creativity and confidence to showcase your style.

Have you ever tried buying or wearing anything “K-fashion” influenced?

Yes, I have bought and wore something inspired by K-fashion. I have two pastel sweaters (pink and beige) and they match with most of my pants. They create a soft feeling to my personality and it’s very popular in Korea around winter time.

What do you like the most about about “K-pop”?

What I love most about K-pop is the acceptance. K-pop groups really adore their fans and go to the extent of doing fan-service. They are willing to buy food for fans, create notes, and create gifts for them. They don’t reject anyone and they always say that they are nothing without us. In exchange fans devote themselves to vote for their favorites and buy merchandise. Thanks to that the K-pop groups like “BTS” was able to attend Billboards awards with other famous Western celebrities.

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