Fish Club

Litzy Alcaraz, Editor

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litzy Alcaraz


7 September 2017


Pizza and Bible, Bible and pizza. How much better can that get?

Fish club is a Bible study club that contains many knowledge of the bible and God. Pastor Vince leads the studies and encourages students to learn right from wrong. Fish club offers knowledge to many teenagers that do not now about the gospel and are interested in learning. Many students enjoy attending these meetings, especially when fresh delivered pizza and drinks are served during the lesson. To be honest, many students go for the pizza, but they learn many thing that could help them with their paths to the Lord.

Fish Club has helped many students figure out who they are and has improved their self confidence.


     A current junior of Santa Ana High School, Priscila Ceja stated ¨I think it a good club because outside school I would have never study the bible and it’s encouraging me to get more into it and to learn more about the bible, I have a friend that started going and I wanted to become closer to god so I decided to go as well.¨


Even if Fish Club isn’t for everyone or can make some people uncomfortable, there is a lot that one can learn. Knowledge is essential for anyone and can help you decide who you want to be and understand others around you. If interested in joining any of the meetings, Fish Club is held in Mr. Walker’s classroom 7107 on Wednesdays during lunch time. Hope to see you there!

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