Trump Ends DACA

Elia Tovar, Editor

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Elia Tovar, Editor

Sep 11, 2017


Trump ends DACA and people fear for their future


SANTA ANA – On September 5 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was officially ended. President Donald Trump’s choice of ending DACA was an absurd decision on his part, not only because he took a form of safety from undocumented people but because he’s taking opportunities away from them.

Most of undocumented people didn’t have a choice they were brought here by their parents who simply wanted a better life for them, not knowing how life would turn out here in the U.S. Now families are being destroyed with either parents or their own kids being deported. This is heartbreaking to many because about all the people that had DACA have never left the country since they were brought to it. Most of them don’t know anything besides what they call home.

Santa Ana Resident and former Santa Ana High student  Sarai Arpero when asked what she thought about trump ending DACA she said, “ I think it’s a political game, it was a decision to distract the people to create more anti-immigrant policies by making Congress take a suppose decision”.

Sophomore Martha Jasmine shares the same thoughts on Trump’s choice of ending DACA “I think it’s unfair because everyone should have the right to work and have an education without barriers¨.

These so called “immigrants” could be very successful people and can be our future scientist, doctors, entrepreneurs and many other things. The fact that Trump would go to such an extent just proves his hatred towards undocumented people. All the they want is to be treated equally and to be given a chance, a chance to live without any worries of getting deported. Trump ending DACA was a big mistake. All he got from it is more hate. Now it’s up for Congress to make a law that will protect undocumented people.


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