Homecoming Candidates

Yvette Cortez, Arthur

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Homecoming Candidates Who Will Win


Yvette Cortez



SANTA ANA HIGH SCHOOL-   Samantha Helstrom is in charge of homecoming is in the ABS room. During some lunches there was meetings for the rules.


There are right no 29 people running for Homecoming Court. The court will be consist of three princes and three princesses. Only the senior can be a queen or king.


Now there are going to be rules and some of the rule are no passing out candy or food because not everyone is going to have the money to buy all the stuff, and it is not good to force people to vote for you just because you have better things to give out.


There is no promoting of media because Helstrom does not want people to say anything bad to the other people that are running.  She does not want people to fight about that kind of thing.


“Once it is OK to go on the media and promotion voting then no doing anything that will get you disqualified. On 9/13/17 was a meeting to for the candidates so they can promote onto the media.”


“One student did not know about this rule and do it anyway so Helstrom told the student about the rule and the student said they will not do it again.”


So if they did not know about this rule them it is still ok for them to keep running since they did not know. If they still do it then the cannot run anymore. If they did know and do it then they do not get to run anymore.


To become one you have to get 25 signatures from students so they know that you are worth to be one. You also have to have a teacher permission, couch or pe teacher, and your counselor. You can’t have any D’s or F’s to be on Homecoming Court. The time to vote will be on Thursday 9/28 and it will be on a tablet.


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