Possible forthcoming  8.2 California earthquake

Amber Barajas, author

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Possible forthcoming  8.2 California earthquake

By Amber Barajas, reporter

It is possible for Southern California to be hit by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake. Since California is an active region for earthquakes it has experienced smaller earthquakes that have caused destruction. Earthquakes may be rare and unexpected but they do happen especially in areas where it’s mostly possible to.

The quake would be most likely to destruct near populated places like Los Angeles. The San Andreas Fault is only thirty miles away from downtown Los Angeles. An earthquake this drastic will cause damage in every city in Southern California.

Used with permission from Wikimedia Commons

Those cities including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside. The devastation will lead Southern California to be isolated for quite a time.

The San Andreas fault is possible to make huge disasters, the powerful earthquake does not only consist of two menacing tectonic plates grinding against each other side by side but a new study in Nature Geo-science has found that it can also move up and down by more than half an inch a year.

Used with Permission from Wikimedia Commons

This new discovery makes the earthquake seem even more dangerous. Although, due to the discovery we may have more information about such massive earthquakes and will be more prepared for them.

Santa Ana High school’s sophomore Janelle Leon, is not ready for an earthquake. She doesn’t think she has anything planned out yet. Janelle feels scared, at the thought of being at risk of experiencing a big disaster. Leon thinks she’s not prepared nor she has a chance of survival. Since the San Andreas Fault might activate with the earthquake which will affect all Southern cities including Los Angeles which is close to Santa Ana, she is concerned about the damage that it will cause towards the community.

While Senior Liliana Neri’s thoughts are that is likely for a big earthquake to happen that could damage us and the surrounding cities since a 3.6 earthquake hit LA recently. Liliana is concerned that we are in danger and there is really no way of preventing it.


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