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There are many protests growing because of Donald J Trump’s decision to end DACA

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Bryan Barajas, Reporter

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Bryan Barajas, Reporter

September 21, 2017

 In Santa Ana there are many protests going on because of Donald J Trump’s decision on September 5th to order an end to DACA(Deferred action for childhood arrivals), but Donald Trump called on Congress to come up with a new replacement. Congress has until March 5th to come up with one but as time passes by the community are increasing their numbers of protests.


The latest news with DACA is that Trump paired with Congress to step up the border patrol with legislation to young undocumented immigrants coming to the country. He also tweeted out “CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration.” Chain Migration refers to the social process by which immigrants from a particular town follow others from that town to a particular city or neighborhood.


I asked a student from Santa Ana High School how they feel about Donald Trump’s decision and how it would affect them. Senior Karla Gonzalez said, “Donald Trump is making a big mess of things, I don’t like his decision because it affects many undocumented families as well as the dreamers’”


It affects the dreamers individually because they were brought here at a young age and if they get deported they are going back to somewhere they have never been because the United States has been there home. It also affects them individually because DACA gives them the benefit to work and do things legally and pursue their education, instead of having to work illegally. There is about 800,000 dreamers. To renew DACA you have to go through the same process as when you first applied and Homeland Security charges about $495 to apply.


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There are many protests growing because of Donald J Trump’s decision to end DACA