The Pros/Cons Of Having Both A Dog And A Child.

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The Pros/Cons Of Having Both A Dog And A Child.

Litzy Alcaraz, Editor in Chief

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Dogs are a very important part of life when owning one. Once you get a dog the dog becomes a huge part of your life, as well as a child, does. When you have a kid after already having a dog it could be amazing news but it could also be a bit messy.


  • Teaches kids about responsibility and helps develop their nurturing side
  • They help foster personal grow by advancing the kid’s sense of respect for life and nature
  • Better adjust more confident and exhibit greater impulse control and compassion
  • They soothe and reduce stress in children
  • Sleeping with your pet gives mental and physical benefits


  • Pets can give kids dangerous or fatal allergies
  • When having kids there is a time when raising both a child and a pet can cost a lot of money; money that people do not have
  • Pets need time invested in them, when having a kid it is hard to give both the pet and child attention at the same time as done before


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