If You Go To Robotics Engineering

Dillon Godoy, Reporter

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The REC is a club where kids who are interested in learning about robotics engineering go. They are taught about the basics of how to work with robots.

When you go to robotics they will teach you the basics of engineering. You will learn about the different branches of engineering to understand what the other types of engineering are. After that you will learn about how to protect something you created in the club. After learning about the branches and protecting your creation you will then learn how to make a creation of your own.

In the REC sometimes your creation will be taken to competitions to show to other schools in the district. The club also gets invited to annual challenges where teams from different high schools and middle schools compete in a robotics challenge. Last year the robotics club from Santa Ana High School won 1st place in a sumo bot challenge where robots push each other off a circle.

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