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Santa Ana High School Clubs – Red Cross Club & Korean Pop Club

Giselle Feregrino, Reporter

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 Red Cross Club

Photography by Giselle Feregrino

                         Red Cross is a club located in Santa Ana High School, It is located building 6 in room 6310.                                 Recently during lunchtime, a blood drive was held again at SAHS on February 6th or 2019 which proceeded after school  by the adviser of the club.  Santa Duran a teacher is in charge of the club, the students who are members of the club, and the students who participated in donations.

            During this event students of the age of 16 or older were able to contribute by donating blood to American Red Cross, only students of the age 16 & 17 need the consent of a parent. American Red Cross is an organization that helps provide medical emergency assistance for those in need which was founded on May 21 in 1881 by Clara Barton, who was a hospital nurse that served in the American Civil War.

These donations are given to those in need of donations in the community, even though if it’s not much, one blood donation can help save up to three lives. This also helps the students get involved by helping out others in the community as well as helping get their community service hours which is a great opportunity for them. With this club, the students are able to learn about the Red Cross, develop leadership skills, and life-saving skills to help others.


                                                               Korean Pop Club

Photography Courtesy of Betzaida Buenrostro

            Korean Pop also known as K-pop is a club located at Santa Ana High School in room 7101, it’s held at 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm every Friday. Here all students are able to express themselves for their love for K-pop and also meet new people who have the same interests and make new friends.

          With snacks provided students can enjoy themselves and have fun with others by participating in games and events like sometimes they have choreography which is dancing to like their favorite band or playing games like guess a song in 5 seconds, plus crafts.

            K-pop is a music genre that is originated in South Korea back in the early ’90s and has become popular in the 2000s all over the globe and has caught the attention of many. Some known groups are Bangtan Boys (BTS), Twice, EXO, Big Bang, Got7 and many more. That is why in this club those who are a K-Pop fan are able to go and meet.

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Santa Ana High School Clubs – Red Cross Club & Korean Pop Club