Modern Society Throughout the Years

Xanneth Gil, Reporter

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  What is modern society?

Modern society is ¨people living in the current time ¨; fashion, technology, education, and music. source

  When did modern society start?

Modern Society goes back all the way to the 15 century. source

    How has technology changed over the years?

Technology has changed in a good way but also in a bad way, now instead of going somewhere, you can do it online. For example: Instead of going to the bank, you can just pay bills online source. Technology now can help us in things we couldn’t do back then. Now technology makes us want to focus on smartphones, always being on smartphones causes people to lose focus on certain things, like being social and talking to your friends or family. People now get very addicted to their devices and have to get help. source

How has fashion changed over the years?

                               Nowadays, people wear clothes based on many different influences. Some things that people wear are even based on looks from the past decades. Trends change all the time. You can see the latest trends on social media, or you can take inspiration from your favorite celeb or favorite TV show. Source

How has education in this modern society changed?

Education is now easier, technology helps students and teachers but due to technology students may get distracted. For example, if students have questions they can just search it up on their devices. source

How did music change over the years?

Music has changed by being more upbeat and faster than it used to be. Source


How has modern society affected us?

Modern society has affected humans in a more negative way than positive because of modern technology all people want to do is be on their devices instead of doing other important things. source

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