Modern Society and It’s Effects on Humans

Ashley Arceo, Reporter

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I’ve interviewed Sophomore, Alicia Flores, on their view of modern society and how it has changed over the years. Also on how they think modern society does, what it is, and how it affects us.


Do you know what Modern Society is?


Alicia Flores:  I think Modern Society can be many things. It can be like trends, or rankings, or the way people see the world.


How can modern society affect the way we see people?


Flores: I say it has two views on people it can either be good or bad. Like when I said ranking modern society makes us think you have to be at the top of the rank to be better. Or when it comes to like wealth if you’re famous and rich you have a high rank in modern society. Modern society makes other people think that these people are self absorbed people. But When it comes to good like when people are well known for the right reasons, modern society makes people look up to them and have them as a role model.


What is your personal view of Modern Society?


Flores: I think modern society is a manipulation and makes people go crazy.


What do you mean by manipulation?


Flores: Modern society makes us be people who we aren’t in reality. We see celebrities and society make us think if we don’t look or act like them then we are way below them and not as good. When if we think that we become sickening and our mental health can be damaged.


Do you think modern society has changed over the years?


Flores: Yes and no.


Why do you think yes?


Flores: Yes because years before like woman rights, women didn’t have any rights at all, not one. But now women have rights, not equal rights, but woman have gained so much power over time. Maybe one day women will have equal rights. Or like people from different races have gained rights also.


And why no?


Flores: Because I feel like the social ladder has lead all the way up till this day. Before you were known for your status, wealth, and being well known, so like popularity.  And it still sucks to us, but it’s gotten even worse. Like I said we change ourselves to be like celebrities or so.

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