How Is Climate Change Affecting California?

Angie Olallo, Reporter

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Angie Olallo, reporter

Since 2012 California has had the worst droughts in history. Many scientists predict that there will be many dangerous conditions if it continues like this.


  1. More and more fires have been common and it´s harder for these fires to stop because of the dry land.
  2. There were several fires in 2017 that caused many disasters
  3. 7 fires here in California have been the largest and occurred just in the last 14 years
  4. Santa Ana winds also are a major reason why many fires spread

(photo used from google with permission)


La Nina

  1. La Nina is a natural disaster that makes the temperatures cooler than they usually are.
  2. For example, If it´s summer it´ll feel cooler than usual.
  3. In some parts of the world, La Nina causes much rainfall while in other places it causes extreme dryness.



 (photo used with permission by google)

  1. Fall of 2015 was the driest since 1895

3.2014-2015 was the hottest years in history



Southern of India had a huge flood that killed about 400 people, this flood lasted 2 whole weeks. Government groups offered up to 4,000 relief camps, helicopters were used to rescue submerged villages and boats also were used to help bring supplies and rescue anyone they could find. Cars and houses were submerged and completely destroyed because of the heavy rain. Indian police and the army worked together to build a temporary bridge to get people into a safe area.

(photo used with permission from google)



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