How Can We Demonstrate Helping With Climate Change?

Angie Olallo, Reporter

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(photo used with permission from google)

Many experts agree that climate change has affected us immensely but not a lot of people seem to do something to help change this. In over 100 years climate change is expected to change, global warming may increase and affect the rest of the world. Aliya Haq director of Clean Power plan said ¨There´s no other way if it doesn’t start with people¨ this goal is easy by using less of the power we use for example the power of our cell phones there are many ways we can all work together and help. Speaking up is a great way you can start on, talk to your friends and family about what concerns you and what you can do to change what bothers you about climate change. Actually eat the food you buy, about 10 percent of food here in the US goes into growing, processing, packaging, and shipping. ¨If you’re wasting less food, you´re likely cutting down on energy consumption¨ Haq says.

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