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Many views on social media


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18 year female

19 year non-binary 34 year old female 54 year old male


How has social media affected your life? -¨I do like social media, I get  to interact with people, you can also get to see what is going on anywhere in the world.¨ -¨Well I like social media to an extent, at first I didn’t like it, but after I gave it a chance I found it helpful. I got to communicate with people who I couldn’t talk to in person.¨ -¨It takes time away from me like I could be doing progressive things but I get distracted with something that catches my eye, but in the other hand it keeps me updated and such.¨ ¨I don’t think it has really affected my life in any way… well, at least not yet.¨
How many social media accounts do you have? ¨I only have Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.¨ ¨I have all the popular ones like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.¨ ¨I have Instagram and Facebook.¨ ¨I have Facebook and whatsapp only.¨
How different do you think your life be without social media? ¨I think I would be more happy because I compare myself to others. I see what they have or don’t and sometimes it makes me feel bad.¨ ¨I think the younger me would be happier but now since I accepted myself I would actually feel a bit bad because I wouldn’t see people who I relate to.¨ ¨If we are being realistic I think I would just be bored but I think I can manage, plus I would get more things done.¨ ¨I don’t really think it would really impact me at all sometimes I go days without using any social media accounts.¨
How often do you use social media per day? ¨Per day I think I used it like for a hour.¨ ¨Well honestly like five hours.¨ ¨For a couple of hours, like 2-3.¨ ¨Not a lot…  just when I’m communicating with family, so about 1-2.¨
In your opinion why do you think teenagers use social media? ¨I think they kinda wanna fit in, it’s like the new thing.¨ ¨Well, they use it to be “cool” and modest, to keep up with their favorite famous person or friends. To see the latest gossip. ¨ ¨I was about a teenager when Facebook was becoming a thing, I liked it cause it was easy to get in and talk to friends and post stuff. So I’m assuming teens like it for these and more reasons.¨ ¨I suppose they use it to stay in touch with others and to post and brag about where they are or what they are doing.¨

Four different persons of different ages and background were randomly asked five questions concerning social media. Questions were opinion based and personal to an extent, all answered as honest and thoughtfully as could, Interviewee chose to be anonymous.

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