The beauty of Owning a dog

Elia Tovar, editor in chief

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Joseph Aguillon (pictured above) is a sophomore at Santa Ana High school. When him and his family where looking for a dog they didn’t have any breed in mind. There family friend had a dog that had just had babies and they were offered one. The family decided to adopt Rocky (pictured above) and immediately they fell in love with him. Rocky is currently 8 months and his family describes him as the most loving dog ever. Joseph’s sister a senior also at SAHS said ¨ I really love this dog but I have to admit that I first I wasn’t too sure but I’ve grown to love him so much¨


Nautika Rodriguez is a senior at Santa Ana high school and she is the owner of Oreo (pictured above). Nautika has had Oreo for 3 years and she says that he was the best decision she has ever made. She said that he is a very compassionate and loving dog. Nautika describes him as a playful and energetic dog.  


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