Julian Gomez multi-sport player

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Julian Gomez multi-sport player

Litzy Alcaraz, Editor in Chief

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Santa Ana High School


Julian Gomez is an 18-year-old senior at Santa Ana High School. Gomez is a multi-sport athlete; he plays football, basketball, and baseball. Julian started to play sports at the age of 5. The first sport he ever played was baseball because he always liked watching his uncles play.


Julian had a great upbringing. Growing up in a single-parent household, Julian found balance through his family at home, and the ones he made out on the field. Although he is close with his family, people close to him, such as his grandparents, have yet to see him play because they live in Mexico. He has high hopes to have them attend one of his games someday. 


Gomez always has a confident attitude, free of any insecurities when out on the field. When asked what type of player he is, Gomez stated, “I’m a leader because I play hard and only think about my team and push everyone to show up and bring the best out of them.” He believes he doesn’t have any weaknesses because he’s a strong person.


One of his strengths is that he’s a quick learner. Being a quick learner helps Julian be a known multi-sport athlete because of how easy it is for him to grasp the idea of a new sport. “Advice I would give to someone trying to play multiple sports is always working hard and to listen and soak up anything and everything you can to be the best at whatever you are doing”, says Gomez. 


When asked what expectations he has of himself he stated,  ¨An expectation I have of myself is [to achieve] excellence at all times, in everything I do¨. His personal goals are to get to the next level in education. He plans on achieving this by ¨working hard and by graduating senior year.” Julian believes he is a very vocal person. “That’s just when I feel at my best when the other team can hear me,” commented Gomez, On the baseball team, he plays catcher, second base, center field, and even pitches a little.


For the football team, he played as a quarterback. Julian explained his passion for playing, stating, ¨I enjoyed playing this position because I make the play go. It’s on my cadence so everything is on me to make things happen on the offensive side of the ball.¨ Julian always gives his best to every single sport he’s played and the teams he’s been on.

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