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Andrew Ramirez – Student Athlete

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Andrew Ramirez – Student Athlete

Andrew Ramirez running the ball at the game against Kaiser High School

Andrew Ramirez running the ball at the game against Kaiser High School

Andrew Ramirez running the ball at the game against Kaiser High School

Andrew Ramirez running the ball at the game against Kaiser High School

Elia Tovar, editor in chief

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Santa Ana– When it comes to being a student-athlete it can be a lot for many to manage but for 18-year-old Andrew Ramirez it is something he has been able to handle pretty well. Andrew is a senior at Santa Ana high school who recently got the opportunity to attend many top named schools like Berkeley, University of San Diego, Cornell, just to name a few. He has made the choice of attending the University of Utah this upcoming year to play Football.  

Drew (as he likes to be called) has been playing sports since he was eight years old and he considers his brother who is also a student-athlete, his biggest motivator. Watching his brother play sports and seeing the recognition he got because of it drove him to follow in his footsteps.

His brother graduated from Brown University and is currently 24 years old. He works for SAUSD (Santa Ana Unified School District) with kids that have disabilities.

His inspiration is not something that is currently happening but more of what can happen if he continues. Like graduating from college and being able to continue football by playing in the NFL or Overseas with a major in business.

For Ramirez wanting to go to college to play football is something he has always wanted since an early age and for that he has his parents to thank. When asked if he ever saw himself going as far as he’s gone in a sport he said ¨I knew that everything was possible with hard work because my dad taught me that at an early age, so I think that anything that has happened is because of hard work.¨

The support from his family is enormous yet sometimes his biggest supporters worry the most, one being his mother. Ramirez had this to say when asked about his family’s support ¨ My family is very supportive, my mom doesn’t really like me playing football just because of the contact but she goes along with it and enjoys watching me play.¨

A memory that brings Drew joy is having his grandma watch him play at Pop Warner (a non-profit organization that provides activities such as American football) before she passed away. What Drew considers to be his favorite thing about playing sports is, ¨making new relationships and having them last a lifetime.¨

His end goal is to be able to provide for his family financially by buying them a home so that they live a much easier life in their later years. Drew has been able to achieve so much at such a young age but he doesn’t let others expectations of him affect him. ¨I don’t feel pressured on what people expect of me, I try to do my best but if my best isn’t good enough then I guess it’s not good enough.¨

Ramirez in on the verge of graduating high school and had been able to experience many things that have shaped him to the man he is today. One thing Ramirez would tell his younger self is ¨to never choose the easy way out of things and don’t take shortcuts,¨ Although Drew doesn’t have many regrets one thing he does regret is not playing the sports he loves all throughout high school years such as basketball, baseball, and track.

Drew ended his interview with a message to all student-athletes saying ¨Student athletes should really focus on academics over athletics because injuries happen and you can’t plan for injuries and with good academics behind you, college is still an opportunity.¨


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Andrew Ramirez – Student Athlete