Sensing Spirits

Brenda Ramirez, Reporter

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SANTA ANA–  Stephanie Sauno is currently attending college at Adams State University, in a small town known as Alamosa located in Colorado. She lived in Sylmar, California before moving out to Kansas and then moving to Colorado.

Since the age of 6 she has had the ‘’gift’’ of being able to sense spirits or those who have passed away but still linger in the world. She is one, among other people who have the power to sense or in a way communicate with spirits. Her partner, sister, and herself all share similar gifts, but each have a different way of sensing spirits.

When asked what the correct terminology is for what she does she said,  “There are many names known like medium, ghost whisperer, etc.” She then went on to explain the difference between a spirit and ghost which people tend to think are the same. “Ghosts are sort of like people but incapable of reasoning for themselves while a spirit is the surviving personality of the person who passed on.”

She is able to get a presence “If I stay in an area for a while, I am able to see the gender, age, and appearance. I can also sense what era they lived in from their clothes.” She is only able to feel a spirit’s presence when there is one present. Although she had her first experience at a young age she didn’t realize till her last year of high school that she was actually able to sense the dead.

Although being able to sense spirits sounds like a fun gift to have it has given Stephanie some very scary experiences that she had to deal with. When she was living in Kansas she had an experience with a man’s spirit who had lived during the 1920’s and was in his late 40’s/early 50’s. He was a farmer and after living in the house for a while she felt his presence strongly and not only that but he would throw cups and open cabinets making it a very chilling and scary experience for her and that is when she decided to move out of the house.

Although she has had scary experiences she’s also had good experiences with being able to sense spirits. “When my grandmother passed away I was comforting my older sister, Lorraine. I later saw my grandma caressing and brushing her hair like she used to do which was comforting for us.” Another benefit with being able to sense spirits is when buying or renting a house, “If there’s a bad energy then I stay away from it.”

When asked about what she tells people if they don’t believe her and her gift she said, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m not one to push my own beliefs onto others, especially if they don’t believe in it”. Although she gets frustrated with her gift sometimes, she wouldn’t trade it for anything as she sees it as an ability that other people don’t have.

She wants to remind people about the misconception that they have about spirits and living with them. “If you just leave them alone then you’ll both be able to coexist peacefully and there’s no reason to fear them. There are some exceptions like if you come across spirits that can move things then you should be worried and do something about it.” If it becomes physical she says, “You should try to figure out what is bothering the spirit and another thing you can do is not give it attention, because odds are it can get more powerful when it’s given attention.”

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