Girls Tennis


Kelly Rodriguez, Writer


Girls tennis  

By Kelly Rodriguez  


Girl’s tennis season opened with a game against Godinez. Jv team was playing home games while the Varsity team was playing away. There are five scores for each game  The first point is Love all,The second point is 15, the third point is 30, the fourth point is 40 and the last point is Game. As the freshman girls, the first game was on August 29 here we some of the player’s thoughts about going into the season.

The image above is Girls JV first game 8/29/19


The question that was asked was “what are your thoughts about going into the season” 

“I don’t really care but I’m nervous to play”-Corina

“…I’m scared…nervous but mostly scared”-Ayleen  

“I’m kinda excited but nervous to play”-Lindy   

“Very badly but I feel like we could win some games… if we practice more and try harder we  will probably win more games”-Yaretzi

We lost some of the games but there’s progress! Their first game didn’t go very well but as always we can learn from this. The game started off good but many of the girls could not remember or keep count on the points. Going into a few games into the season the girls have gotten much better at keeping score and knowing what’s in or out. Girls tennis isn’t just about hitting a green ball back and forth with a racket, Its about elegance and strategy and knowing how to score and hit the ball with the racket. There are many ways of hitting with the racket like forehand and backhand. Singles and doubles are very different, doubles are two players against two other players while singles are one against one. Doubles use more space than singles who can only use specific spaces of the court.  One thing that is also noticeable in both versions of the game is how much more “talkative” one court is to the other, in the doubles court the girls are very talkative within one another while in singles it is very quite, well this might be because there are four girls playing in doubles while in singles there are only two. Being the fact that I have played both games it is, by my experience, fairly true that this occurs in games.


Many of the girls agreed that we must practice more in order to win more games. Our coach noticed that we needed to work on our serves. The heat was overwhelming when playing but hydration is important for athletes.