Santa Ana Cross Country


Victor Marquez, Writer

The Santa Ana cross country team prepared for a highly anticipated season.  Coach Nava says what makes a great cross country runner is a person that likes to be challenged, willing to go under pain for a long period of time, is a team player, eats healthy, and sleeps well. He also says the athlete has more pressure than the coach because the athlete is the one who  trains, regime, nutrition choices, is out on the field contending, has the pressure to perform, has to suffer defeat or enjoy glory, the coaches just directs and hopes for things to go well. He said that their only competition is themselves, and that Santa Ana High School has a tradition of new athletes being able to run for a long period of time, he said for league , they’re best competition is Meza High School, but for the city it’s Godinez High School or Segerstrom High School but Santa Ana High School always seems to dominate them. Coach Nava went to Santa Ana High School himself as a teenager and says he ran cross country for his four years here.


     Cross Country is a sport where everybody starts out small and builds up to the race in distance. Cross country is also used to get into shape for other sports. A high school cross country race is about 5 kilometers which is about 3.1 miles. A cross country team is made of seven runners, the top five people of your team are the ‘scoring’ members. Santa Ana High School seems to win every year thanks to our great athletes.


     One of the cross country athletes stated that he’s not planning to get a scholarship for cross country and is just doing it to keep in shape for other sports. He said that he was not nervous about competing with other schools because Santa Ana always seems to dominate but he’s nervous about performing. The athlete said that “hard work and dedication makes a great cross country runner.” He says that the athlete definitely has more pressure than the coach because the athlete is the one performing. He says he got into running because he wanted to be faster and be in shape.


     Henry De Diego, one of our athletes stated “the athlete will always have more pressure because they’re the ones who see if they’re practice payed off.” The athlete says he got into running because he wants to be just like his dad because he was also in cross country in high school. He says that putting in the work and just mostly always being motivated makes a good cross country runner. He said he is not nervous at all because he knows Santa Ana High School dominates. He said that he’s working hard because he wants a scholarship for this sport.


     Santa Ana High School has a tradition of winning in cross country since 1990. We’ve had many great athletes in the past and we have many great athletes now. The coaches say that they always have a great cross country team because they have a different way of training the athletes.The athletes and the coach have a great bond because the coach sometimes even runs with the athletes to keep them motivated and keep them on there toes trying their very best. The whole cross country team, the coaches and athletes really believe that they can get first place this year.