Jacob Garcia, Writer/To be cool

The new adaptation of Joker has come out and is already causing a lot of Oscar nomination talk but more importantly fear among people . The Joker would first premier at the 76th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2019, where it would receive the Golden Lion award. Soon after this epic W the movie would come out with great reviews with IGN giving it a 10/10, IMDb giving it a 8.9/10, and 94% of google users enjoyed it. All of these great reviews would leave many fans anticipating for the film release, but this hype would soon turn into something else.

The release day came and the first major event relating to joker would happen with a movie theater in Huntington Beach would close all late screenings of Joker due to a threat. The police would soon arrive around 5:00pm and stay for the rest of the day, the screening would soon continue the next day with police now in the theater at all times. This would only make the situation worse for the movie with undercover cops being placed in screenings of Joker all over the nation.

Around the time all of this was happening many articles would be made about the Joker, going against it making many accusation against it saying that it would cause a mass shootings,bombings,killings.Anything along those lines as a Joker related incident happened before in a midnight screening of the Batman Dark knight rises where a man threw tear gas grenades and would shoot the audience. With all this negative publicity of the Joker they reviews would also drop with its 90%  to 60% on rotten tomatoes with critics not saying that it glorifies a mentally ill man that causes a lot of harm others in very graphic way and of course the critics are saying that they fear that the reel threat might cause a real threat.

Even with all the negative publicity the movie would go farther than any thought it would with it’s opening weekend breaking a venom’s record of best opening of 10 million with 13 million, with the movie soon taking Deadpool’s spot as the highest global grossing U.S rated R film with it only being 50 million away from taking the record. Another success was its audience reviews having stayed the same in positivity calling it a masterpiece and a something like they have never seen before. The movie was set up to fail with all of its controversies and the portrayals of our society’s making a lot of news/journalist sites mad as it would show a truth that they didn’t like so they would keep trying to cause fear saying it would cause something horrible but most people saw pass this and took a shot at watching this masterpiece.

The Joker has been like no other movie so far into 2019 with it’s amazing way of making sure that the viewer is always on the edge of their seat and not really knowing what to trust by the end. The highlight of this film would be the acting with Joaquin Phoenix stealing the spotlight with his beautiful performance as the Joker giving Heath Ledger Joker a run for his money as the best Joker. This movie over all is great everything from its amazing soundtrack to it’s great cinematography, this movie is one of a kind and must be seen in theaters to really experience this Masterpiece.