Homecoming History

Jacob Garcia, Writer/To be cool

The History homecoming is one that starts off with a not so concrete beginning as it really isn’t known who first held the first ever homecoming but, most usually agree that one of these three was the first to celebrate it first in 1910, Baylor, Illinois and Missouri with all three having a story of how they suppose “started” homecoming.

Missouri University takes pride in the title of “being the first” to celebrate homecoming, celebrating each year like most American schools around the US. The “start” of homecoming iImage result for missouri homecomings said to come all the way back to 1911 where an Athletic director named Chester Brewer would be trying to prepare for an annual football game. So to try to promote the game he would ask the school’s former students/alumni to inaugurate the new location of football field by “coming home” to attend the annual game.

Illinois story would start with two senior students Clarence Williams and Elmer Ekblaw planning an event based on the Illinois and Chicago rivalry. The event wouldn’t only be about the rivalry but would also try to boost the Image result for illinois homecomingchances of the Illinois football team with their losing streak with school spirit. October 14 would be the day of the homecoming and it would be bigger than anyone ever expected with both the game and the dance having thousands of more people than expected. The game would be won 3-0 stopping the losing streak.

Baylor’s story would start in 1909 with the school inviting it’s aluminum back to school to reunite and bring back school spirit to the alumins. This event would first be called “Good Will Week” taking place during Thanksgiving weekend, the event would include a class reunion,para reed, concert, and a football game. The event would be successful with around 5000 people arriving and attending the event

Image result for baylor homecomingDespite all the debate of who did it first most if not all of these early homecomings had a lot in common  as they would usually have a big football game,rallies,parades,speeches, and most of all the dances. This whole homecoming purpose is for schools to give students a much stronger connections with one and other and most of all  to have more school pride. This would work as most students would have their school spirit go up and with all these examples of Homecoming working with the school pride many other Colleges and university would start celebrating homecoming. By 1920 only ten years since it was first celebrated it became an American tradition among many schools to celebrate homecoming.