Back to School Night

April Facio, Writer

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Back to School Night

                At Santa Ana high school we have back to school night every year where parents meet their child’s teachers and hear what their teachers expect from their students and what rules need to be followed. The principle from Santa Ana High School, Mr. Bishop walks in some classes to meet parents and talks to them about his job and how he deals with different situations on campus.               

      Back to school night was on August 22, 2019 at 7:00 pm. It was for parents to come in to meet their child’s teacher and see their classroom or ask teachers questions on how their child is doing or what they are learning in their classrooms. During back to school  parents and their son or daughter walked in to their classes to meet each teacher which were periods 1-6 and some parents were surprised because their child had some challenging classes they might have not taken before and were happy to know they were trying something new. All teachers were happy and excited to meet parents on back to school and explained what their class is mainly about and what they will be doing throughout the school year. All parents love coming to back to school night because they like to see their child’s new teacher for the year and know a little about their background and how they manage to deal with the whole class or how they keep track of their students and their grades. Teachers also love meeting their students parents and like to know a little about their background and what they expect their child to do during school hours in their classes. During this event there are a lot of parents walking to all 6 classes and impressed on how our campus looks without any trash in the floors or building. Not only the parents are walking to all their child’s classes but the Principal Mr. Bishop is also walking around and taking pictures of parents and is also asking parents questions or parents come up to him to say hello and then ask him questions about the school or either asking him about his job. 


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