Isaac Bol

2019-2020 Quiz Bowl Team

Yolanda Belman, Writer

   There are various clubs here in Santa High School some stemming from the student’s interest and other tie into academics. One of those clubs that stem from an academic standpoint is quiz bowl. Quiz bowl is a academic competition between schools and each team consists of five players. Essentially the competitions consist of a moderator asking questions on a variety of subjects and if one of the five people on the team know the answer they press the buzzer and give the answer. This particular club is run by two of our very own teachers Mr. Dukus, a human anatomy teacher, and Mr. Hinman, a English teacher. Both Mr. Dukus and Mr. Hinman hold their practices every Thursday in lunch. 

Isaac Bol
Mr. Dukus (left) and Mr. Hinman (right)

Mr. Dukus was first introduced to quiz bowl twenty eight years ago when the previous coach who asked him to help out. When the coach retired Mr. Dukus took over since he absolutely loved quiz bowl. As a mentor and or coach Mr. Dukus expects those who join quiz bowl to, “have fun and do their best.” When asked what members from quiz bowl can expect from him as a mentor Mr. Dukus had this to say, “They can expect me to always be positive and to always be supportive. They can also expect me to always be working to make sure it’ll be a great experience for them.”

Mr. Hinman another one of the clubs mentors was first introduced to quiz bowl by going to watch a tournament and after the tournament he knew he, “wanted to be a part of it.” As a mentor Mr. Hinman expects quiz bowl members to, “One, have fun. Two, to attend each practice and enjoy the process.” When asked what quiz bowl members can expect of him as a mentor he had this to say, “guidance, instruction, and motivation.”

   Deyra Aguilar a senior and club member was motivated to join quiz bowl because she had always aspired to join due to her sister being a member of the club in her high school years. As well as her sister saying that she would do good in the club. Deyra has been in quiz bowl for three years and she happens to be the captain this year. When asked what duties Deyra must fulfill has captain she stated, “my task is to lead the team and to choose the starting five.” Since Quiz Bowl is based on competitions with other schools to prepare for competitions Deyra explained that she goes on, “the NAQT website and read the stuff they say we should know.” As stated before quiz bowl is a club that stems from an academic standpoint so when asked about the effects that it has other academics Deyra had this to say, “A lot of the trivia that comes up for Quiz Bowl can be useful in certain classes. Also getting to compete gives us a break from academics and that break lets us distress in a way.” 

   Stephanie, senior and co-captain of quiz bowl, stated that she joined because she was in Mr. Dukus’ human anatomy class last year. Her duties as co-captain are helping the captain choose the line up. She further explained, “he invited me to the next practice because he thought I would do great, so I showed up and I enjoyed it.” Stephanie has been a part of quiz bowl for one year and this year would be her second. As for preparation for competitions, apart from attending the weekly practice during lunch on Thursdays. Stephanie stated the following, “when I am home I go over old quiz bowl packets or I search up certain topics.” When asked about some challenges that she faced Stephanie had this to say, “a challenge I have faced is quiz bowl is feeling like I am not as smart as others, but as well during competitions when I can’t help because I don’t know the answer.” Some skills that Stephanie obtained from quiz bowl is, “being a better sport towards opponents. It also helped me be more open and not so shy as well as not doubting myself.” Some positive effects that quiz bowl has had on her academic would the new information that she gains from the tossups and bonus rounds in the competitions.  

   Lastly for those planning on joining next year Deyra Aguilar had this to say, “Do it. Firstly because we need members but also joining quiz bowl is really fun and you don’t have to focus on winning. It’s all about having fun.” When asked the same question Stephanie stated the following, “Quiz bowl is a great club and you don’t necessarily have to be smart in every subject, we also have sports questions, movies, music, etc. It is very fun especially on competitions. Additionally Mr. Dukus stated the following when asked the same question, “It’s a really good chance to show what you know. It’s also so fun, just ask any of the quiz bowl members and they’ll tell you how much fun it is.  The tournaments are also very exciting.”