Santa Ana High buzzing over new library


Aidan Gertsen, Writer

Santa Ana High buzzing over new library

On August 22nd Santa Ana High school unveiled a new Library. The library is one of multiple changes at the school following the new Cafeteria that opened last fall. It had a big effect on the students. This “ Doesn’t even look like our school “ Mary said on Snapchat “ It makes me feel happy ”. she added. “ Its a great atmosphere” Mauricio said. The Library is a huge face lift to building one. Though Jose Arzante complained that there still are not enough books. With only one book shelf lining the wall that is a concern of many students. Overall the Library is a big success with students and faculty. “ I got everything I wanted “ Ms. Phan Nu remarked to a student. Concerns have been raised about the student body’s ability to maintain the current state of the brand new library. “ I hope the kids don’t trash it” a student named Lucy remarked. Some students have wondered if the large budget for the library was worth it. Overall the students at Santa Ana High School think the library is beautiful. Concerns have risen about the libraries worth and also about the schools ability to maintain it but only time will tell.


 The Library move has been stressful, to say the least, on head Librarian Ms. Phan Nu.

Many supplies have been hard to locate and the Library staff had to move the library furniture and supplies twice after a mix up with the construction staff. Students and faculty had to move all of the books and furniture in and back out of the library to give the construction workers space to work and finish the final details in the new Library.

 Ms Phan has decided to revamp the entire book system. Books will now be organized and located by genres. Such as Historical fiction, Science fiction, Social issues, etc ,etc.

If you look into the library now the shelves would seem empty as not all of Santa Ana High School’s book supply have been entered into the system. This leaves many books waiting to be shelved. That will all change soon as Ms. Phan plans to have all the books in the system and shelved by the end of October or early November (hopefully).

Many books are also being deleted and offloaded from the Santa Ana High School Library due to lack of use or interest, or based on the age of the book itself. If you look just outside the brand new library doors you will a table overflowing with hundreds and hundreds of books, and multiples boxes under the table. Those, are  deleted no longer needed books that are free to permanently take home by whoever wants them.


 The library staff and student aides will be working feverishly over the next two months to get the library completely established, up and running. As well as the tutoring program finding its legs in the new Library. The Library staff will also be helping the seniors work on their portfolios over the 6 months or so.