Marching band P.E Credits


Kelly Rodriguez, Writer

                   Marching band P.E. Credits

Kelly Rodriguez  



Santa Ana Marching band has recently had its P.E credits removed from the district of Santa And other marching bands have had P.E credits removed from them.  The color guard does get credit but the marching band does not. The local governing board is in charge of what gets credit and what does not, it must have have been voting,  not enough people voted for the marching band to count as P.E credit or the requirements changed for physical education. With this movement of credits many of the students in the marching band were disappointed, they work really hard to perform at the football games, gigs and competitions, there are many weeks of staying late from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm or sometimes 9 pm which is ridiculous for the board of education  not to give credit anymore. Marching band is an elective and we still don’t get P.E. credits!!! At a past meeting, Mr.  De Los Santos stated that he is fighting with the district and board of education to get the credits back. We have many benefits in the Marching band, for example if we are failing one or more classes we will get tutoring hours in the library. They will not allow us to perform if we are failing classes so our grades are crucial!!! 

A game at  The Santa Ana Stadium on September 12

 Many of the musicians were planning on quitting after the news if they didn’t add back the credits, they never did quit which shows how dedicated they are to the marching band. As of now the credits for the marching band still have not been added back or might never be added back. The future of the marching bands P.E. Credits will not be known until we get back a letter saying that it will count as P.En credits again or a different letter saying that they will never come back like how they sent us a paper stating that we will no longer be receiving credits. Marching band should be counted as credits for all the hard work we go trough its not easy playing music and moving on a field!!!!