best gaming websites


Vicente, writer

Here is a list of the best gaming websites and games that you can play on your Chromebook.

First my personal favorite gaming website is krii games. I like this website because it has a lot of unblocked games and you could play any entertaining thing you like, it has gun games, zombie games, racing games, and upgrading games. Some of the games I like to play is bloons tower defense 5, Theme Hotel, Box head zombie wars, big head sports.

The second  popular  website is cool math games which is the best and most common website you will see people playing. Cool math games is the best gaming website you are going to see people playing because it has lots of games that are entertaining and it also has more than a thousand games to choose from, and the best part is the school district actually didn’t block this website so that means you could play all the games you want on there. There are food games, start your engine games, ball games, ninja games, wacky weird and wild games, and crazy hard games.

Finally there are unblocked games 66 which is the most common one when you search up unblocked games the first one to pop up is that one if you click on the website its actually unblocked, and you could play most of these games, I swear that there are around a thousand games to choose and I am sure you’ll find the game to play while your bored in class.