Homecoming Assembly


Rafael Palacios

The assembly on Friday was alright The only thing that I didn’t like was that they kept picking the same teacher. They should do that on a Saturday night or a Friday night cause last time they did it on Saturday and they did it again on Sunday but that’s not great cause the next day there is school and students go all tired the next day. They should also lower the price of the homecoming tickets. I think students do homecoming so they could take a good memory from high school when they graduate. Some staff members should know that those types of assembles could get some students boring in the way that they take away learning from the students that actually want to learn and get an education.  In my opinion, I think pep rallies are also the same as homecoming assemblies are just that the winter and the spring sport is more fun and more interesting than whatever assembly goes on in school. 

Mr. Bishop should do more fun assemblies than what he usually does when he gives assemblies because I feel that no one pays attention to what he says but some students actually care and are used to listening to the speeches.  Homecoming is a time to share the fun out of yourself because if you are really interested in that then that’s something students should lookout to if that’s the reason they should be going to all the homecoming events are the homecoming assembly.  It would only be better if they actually play different games next time there is a homecoming assembly cause the games were pretty boring that the reason why it seemed an alright assembly.  And just how we got to go to the assembly every period should have gone because I did not see other periods go and that is not fair enough cause that just makes the school look bad not inviting everyone. Also if they did it in the multipurpose room that would have been better because students don’t actually like it when there is assemblies in the gym they like it more better in the multipurpose room.