Jacob Garcia, Writer/To be cool

Hong Kong has been facing one of the biggest protests in the world  for the past couple of months. This event would all start with a boyfriend  murdering his lover on vacation in Taiwan and not being charged due to Hong Kong and Taiwan not having an extradition agreement. So Hong Kong proposed one that would allow any suspects to be transferred to Taiwan and be traded for their crimes but this would also apply to China. This would give China even more power over Hong Kong taking the rights of Hong Kong’s residents, this change would cause many to go out on the streets and protest for their rights.

 Many show their support for these protests but many companies keep their mouth shut due to their connection with China. One of the biggest gaming companies to get involved with the Hong Kong controversies is Blizzard. The controversies would start during a Blizzard live-stream a tournament of the game Hearthstone, the pro player Blitzchung had just won his game and was getting interviewed by two reporters. While being interviewed Blitzchung would put on a gas mask and say “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times.” Immediately after saying this Blizzard would punish him by banning him from playing Hearthstone professionally for the next year and taking his prize money of ten thousand dollars, the two  interviewers also suffered consequences, being fired.

After these punishments were revealed to the public, backlash towards Blizzard would start with many starting to boycott the company. One of the many things that would be apart of this boycott would be a mass unsubscription of their game World of War Craft and getting a refund for pre-orders for new games, this would cause Blizzard stock to drop by a large amount. Another thing that would be done is to try get Blizzard’s games Overwatch to be changed or banned in China by trying to get Overwatch character Mei (a chinese character ) to be a Hong Kong protest icon with many drawing art of Mei many pro Hong Kong protests. 

Blizzard would notice the mass backlash from the internet and would decide to “generously” cut Blitzchung’s punishment in half now only banning him for six months and giving him back his prize money, the two interviewers would be hired again but not be able to work until 6 months. Even with this, the internet was not happy with many now not supporting Blizzard with many fans stopped playing their games, this would be especially shown with Hearthstone with bundles sales going down by 45%.