This Year’s Fall Plays

This year, our school’s Theater Department decided to perform two plays for our school and community.

This Year’s Fall Plays

Isaac Bol, Writer/Photographer

In previous years, the Santa Ana High School’s Theater Department does a play every fall season. Such as Simply Maria, Stand and Deliver, and Our Town. But this year they’ve decided to perform two plays, the first is a musical titled “Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies,” and the second one is “Almost, Maine.”

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“Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies” is a musical that takes place in the auditorium where the audience is preparing to start a screening for the newest movie, “Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies.” But as the movie begins, Zombies come alive and attack the audience at the screening. It’s a musical that brings the audience into the show, a show unlike one that the Sanarts Theater Department has done yet. “Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies” was performed last week for the first time to audiences and it was met with stellar feedback from not only those in attendance, but also other high school drama teachers around the world hoping to perform it themselves. 

Yolanda Belman

The next show our Theater Department is performing is “Almost, Maine,” a play written by John Cariani that is a compilation of eleven short scenes that discuss the idea of love, but not just romantic love. For example, one scene in the play, “Where it Went,” is about a middle aged couple who have lost the love they once had for each other and they end up getting a divorce. Another scene, “This Hurts,” is about an unlikely friendship between completely opposite people that begins in a laundry room of an apartment complex. “Almost Maine” was originally performed at the Portland Stage a Company in Oregon and it continues to be played by high schools all around the country.

While “Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies” has already performed, “Amost, Maine” is set to open on November 14th to 15th in the little theater with ticket prices to be determined. Make sure to experience what the talented actors at our school have brought us and to support our school’s Theater Department this year.