Saints Cheerleaders


April Facio, Writer

Saints Cheer for Spirit

At Santa Ana high school we have cheerleaders that go along to football games with the boys and cheer for them during the games.  At Santa Ana high school cheerleaders perform at pep rallies and bring school spirit to the other students. On campus all cheerleaders wear their uniform when they have events. They do 8th grade orientation to see who is willing to try out not only girls try out but also boys  try out and get into cheer. To be in cheer you have to try out and make the team and sign a contract to maintain a good GPA, avoid bad influences, and represent the school in a positive way. 

Not only do cheerleaders perform at football games but they also perform at basketball games, open house, hall of fame, back to school night,  ambassadors of compassion, and welcoming hands. In cheer they have a variety of cheerleaders and 2 boys in the team they are spirited meaning proud to be a saint and never give up they are also outgoing and willing to talk to anyone and make them feel welcome. They have sidelines cheer and competitions and they have competitions outside of school and sometimes have 40 more schools to compete. Cheers have to have mentality for what their doing and their coach sets a schedule to practice for 5 days and have an outside choreographer.

 At every football game certain cheers are doing different moves and they also do band dances and stunt sequences. Cheerleaders make posters and give a gift to the opposing team and not only that but they also make a run through poster for football. The cheerleaders have competition uniform that is different from sideline uniform which changes every two years and the warm ups also change every two years. They have don’t have a choice to choose their uniform their coach chooses for them.

For cheerleaders coach and captains regulate uniform, hair, and makeup but it’s mostly the captains who do for hair and makeup. Cheerleaders feel more pressured because they have more to do and than their coach. Cheerleaders don’t like how they don’t have free time out of school or sometimes in school and can not get their nails done. Their coach is Adriana Stockton their record of the competition was 9th place 2019 USA Spirit Nationals and their team plays at the bowl, basketball, Anaheim Convention Center, and also with other high schools.

Cheers points are non-tumbling, novice, co-ed, and have many competitions to compete and there are schools from all over Ca, compete with Santa Ana high school cheer. Scoring in a cheer competition works if a cheer falls or wobble is 1 point off, creativity of dance and jumps are worth 5 points, and there are certain things that are illegal for certain divisions. Cheer might seem easy but in reality cheer is harder than it looks and stunts don’t always hit and shouldn’t judge and are very dangerous and cheers feel like it’s harder for them. Cheers don’t win any competitions they just compete and mostly practice everyday which they don’t have any breaks and are focused on their cheer stances.

The student section doesn’t follow cheer during games and students should follow and show spirit and make cheer feel energized when doing their moves and show pride no matter how cheer do their moves. Santa Ana cheer would like the students to follow along during a game and not give faces when people just stare at them doing their moves and feel like our cheer sucks when they don’t. They would like to show spirit in and out of school to all saints students and don’t like to be judged by anyone who aren’t in cheer who just like to mule talk about them and that they shouldn’t be because they feel like cheer is harder than it looks and always practice to get better. 

Thanks to Angela Cervalios, Janet Penaloza, Ceslie Bucio, Perla Vasquez, Yesenia Alcanlnaz, Lizbeth Soriano, and Britnney Gonzalez.