The haunted band room

Kelly Rodriguez, Writer

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                            The haunted Band Room

Kelly Rodriguez

The Santa Ana Band council has set up their annual haunted band room, October 30th was opening day and around 40 people came which was a good way of opening. Halloween was expected to have many students visit the haunted band room  during lunch and after school. There is a $3 entrance fee with 4 scary rooms and a maze. The four rooms include a doll room, a whisper room, IT  room, and a madhouse. The maze includes many jump scares and scare actors chasing you. Students come in saying they’re not scared but run away frightened.  While participating in the madhouse my group could hear  girls say there not scared but went running as soon as they went into the room. There were moments where people would just leave in the second room because of how scared they were. All of the scare actors are the band kids, it takes a week long effort to make this successful. Thank you to the students, teachers and even parents who showed support for the band by coming to the haunted band room.  Make sure you check it out next year.