Dia De Los Muertos


Flor Mendez, writer

 Since 2002, El Centro Cultural de Mexico has been organizing Noche de Altares (Night of Altars), a community-based Día de Los Muertos celebration, where families, students, community organization and businesses come together to create an authentic cultural experience that reflects Mexican tradition and what makes up our communities today. Organized by volunteers, the purpose of the celebration is to honor the ancient traditions of the festival and bring community members together through art, culture, and compassion.

     For one night, families, students, community organizations, activists, artists, and businesses are invited to build an altar in memory of a deceased loved one or to bring awareness to a social issue. By making altars, participants are inviting fellow community members into their own life and passions for a loved one. Over the years we have seen altars bring strangers together through mutual compassion, understanding, and dialogue. Families reunite to remember and honor their loved ones.

   The past November 2nd, 2019 Noche de Altares started from 12pm- 9 pm. At the main stage, there were Folkloric Groups performing different songs for each sate of Mexico. There were music groups playing the most popular(old) Mexican music to honor the ones that are not here with us. Around 6:30 PM “La Catrina” was walking around and started lighting up every altar with a candle. People were walking around with “La Catrina” to see how she was lighting up the altars. It was incredible to see how her dress was full of culture.