Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies

Santa Ana High School Theatre Arts students performed our original musical, SMART GIRLS DON’T DON’T DATE ZOMBIES.  As theater-goers succumb to a zombie infestation, it becomes apparent that Santa Ana High’s production of “Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies” is not merely a musical but an experience. In this production, the theater itself is the stage, which is set for the premiere of an artsy film. What follows is a campy romp through life, loss, and love at the dawn of the zombie apocalypse. The audience members are given the chance to view a new horror film. Actors planted among them express concern about a nearby zombie outbreak. These fears are realized when, minutes into the feature film, swarms of zombies appear in the aisles and doorways around the theater. Santa Ana uniquely dramatizes a zombie apocalypse through a solid ensemble of zombies, strong-willed characters and original musical numbers.