Donald Trump Inpeachment

Rafael Palacios

The President of the United States has been having problems with lots of presidents from other countries he should now be getting impeach from his job. I do not get the point how they are trying to elect him for next year if all this whole time he kept making mistakes on purpose, this is why they should not re-elect him for next year he should be getting a new president for next year because he doesn’t know what goes around the world sometimes.  He should not be saying that he is going to kick out all the Hispanics to there country because not all of them are people that don’t have papers there is actually some people that do have papers in this country and it is not fair for the immigrants or the Hispanic people to live. In my opinion I think the Hispanics that do have and don’t have papers should stay here and not go back to Mexico because nobody in this world have small jobs like construction landscaping car washing and cleaning houses most of those people that have those kind of jobs are mostly Hispanics and stead of other raise there is people that have those types of jobs from any type of raise but it is mostly the Hispanics that have those type of jobs that’s  why they should not go back to there country. 

The republican party which Donald Trump is in don’t even agree on what he now says and do cause he just likes to bring up lies all the time his job is easy to cause what he basically does is sits and if the congress team is a 50 by 50 pros and  cons he breaks them into a part and that what he basically does on less they call him from the white house he has to go in do something about cause he is the president of the u.s. He also when he first was president he tried to take away cityzined ship from kids and for the adults that have the green card that is called residents he also tried taking that away from people which is not great because everyone is a human bean and every one works hard to get what they want and get stuff for their future. Hopefully he is not president next election because he is not a good romoled to everyone and especially to the hispanics.