Vaping in Santa Ana High School

Vaping in Santa Ana High School

Victor Marquez, Writer

     Vaping is a serious problem in Santa Ana High School. Students have been vaping in class and teachers don’t even notice. Students also vape in the restroom during lunch or class and don´t get penalized for it. Vape can also lead to kids doing dangerous things or even doing other kind of drugs. Vaping is more addicting than traditional cigarettes because of the flavors it has. Vaping companies are making some flavors especially for kids so they can try it and that is where they get addicted. The school security should be more cautious about kids vaping in school.



     The first person to have an idea of making a vape pen is Joseph Robinson in 1927. However, in 1963 is when vaping became very popular. Herbert Gilbert invented his  ¨smokeless non tobacco cigarette¨ in 1963. It became very popular because it was not as bad as normal cigarettes and they do not have as much side affects. Vaping is also super popular because of all the flavors it has like mango or pineapple to even chocolate and vanilla. People become addicted because of all the nicotine it has. One JUUL Pod contains the same amount of nicotine as 20 normal cigarettes.

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     The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked vaping to 1,479 cases of a mysterious lung disease over the last six months. At least 33 people have died since the outbreak began.The illness is marked by chest pain, shortness of breath and vomiting, and it has largely affected young people. The vast majority of cases, almost 80%, involve e-cigarette users younger than 35, and another 15% are younger than 18.The outbreak has triggered anxiety among parents and calls for government action. President Trump said he plans to ban e-cigarette flavors that seem specially designed to appeal to young people and get them hooked.


     This is why we should stop vaping in Santa Ana High School and also every where else. There are many people getting injured because of vaping and 33 people have died because of it. All the flavors and nicotine is what gets people to start using e-cigarettes and vaping. Vaping also has side affects and will make kids do dumb things and make them not act like themselves. Vaping should be stopped because of all the deaths and injuries.