Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies


Cast of Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies

Yolanda Belman, Writer

    This year’s Halloween based play, Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies, was an absolute sensation. Nothing more can be expected from our talented and hardworking drama teacher, Mr. Schwinge and our brilliant drama students. This particular play is extra special because it is an original play written by Mr. Schwinge and his friend and former student, Ryan Shakman. Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies is best characterized as a family-friendly and fun play that consists of zombies scares and iconic musical numbers. 

    The show was filled with various comical skits and iconic musical numbers. As well as  unique and spontaneous characters like that of Momma, portrayed by Maxi Bahena, and Dustin Beeble, played by Khailup Garcia. Let’s not forget endearing couple Douglas Barrymore, played by Isaac Bol, and Mary Barrymore, played by Karen Garcia. The cast was full of amazing and absolutely talented actors. As well as the talented, comedic, and absolutely astounding acting and singing from Veronica Gutierrez, Rose Gutierrez, and Ari Maldonado. Last but not least the amazing behind the scenes crew who without their help the performance would not have been as spectacular as it was. 

As mentioned before this particular play is special due to it being a one of kind play that was written by Mr. Schwinge and a former student of his. As well as the cast consisting of various seniors. Apart from that the play in itself is very unique with its diverse characters. For instance, the antagonists of the play Commander Zurich and Cosmo who are humorous aliens that plan to overthrow Earth and eat all the humans. These specific character stood out to me due to their comedic sense and overall selling of being the villains of the play. As well as TNT and TNT’s homegirls who also aided in bring the comedic value to the play.

    Overall being able to watch and be a part of the audience in Smart Girls Don’t Date Zombies was a great honor. Personally I enjoyed the musical numbers, acting, and overall atmosphere that was felt in the theater. I applaud Mr. Schwinge and the whole cast for their talent and overall dedication that brought the play to life.  I would definitely watch this play and recommend it to anybody. Hopefully it becomes the annual Halloween play for the years to come.