Ms. Harris Interview

April Facio

Ms. Harris favorite hobby that she likes to do while on break from work is singing with her band and also loves to crochet. Her favorite vacation spot is Of the places she has visited so far, which she most enjoyed was Barcelona, Spain and Puerto Rico which was really cool too. The strangest thing she has eaten was shrimp with the head still on it. She avoided the head part because she’s not very adventurous with food.

Ms. Harris favorite show is to watch “The Voice” because she likes reality shows, and loves to listen to great singers. Ms. Harris doesn’t know anything about sorted houses but she does know that they did once here in Santa Ana. Her favorite nursery rhyme is “Rock-a-Bye, Baby” (it’s the only one she can think of right now). 

At Santa Ana high school I was able to interview one of my old teachers that I had freshman year. The teacher I interviewed was Ms. Harris who was my english teacher freshman year. Ms. Harris favorite part of working at Santa Ana high school is that the majority of the students here are very accepting of people who are different, especially in terms of gender differences.  She believes that most of the students here are kind to others.

The best childhood book she liked the most  were all the ones by Charles Dickens. The craziest thing she’s seen here at Santa Ana high school was someone walking into her room wearing a “Snuggie”. The thing Ms. Harris would change about Santa Ana High is that she believes the students deserve a nice, large, clean, comfortable cafeteria with great food.

Ms.Harris went into the Teacher Education Program at UCI as a last resort, while waiting to try to get into law school.  The students she met during her student teaching internship inspired her to continue with teaching as a career. Ms. Harris greatest weakness is a tendency to procrastinate and to be rather poorly organized.  Her strength is her genuine caring, concern and enjoyment of my students. 

Ms. Harris  tries to help her students with understanding the power and potential that many of them do not realize they have, and wants to help them tap into their natural abilities and inner beauty. She took piano lessons and violin lessons when she was a child, but did not pursue either one, so she has forgotten what she learned.  she does sing, however. 

Ms. Harris  least favorite class in high school was geometry.  The class she was best at–and loved the most–was English. Ms.Harris is fairly fluent in conversational Spanish.  Many people know this, but some of her students who don’t know are shocked when she suddenly converse comfortably with their parents in Spanish.What makes a good student is one who is able to remain motivated and focused, even on bad days, and who has a clear vision for the future with well-defined goals that include a Plan B.

 Ms. Harris studied at UC Irvine for four years to receive my Bachelor’s degree in English.  After that, she completed a two-year program in the Teacher Credentialing Program at UCI to become an educator. Ms. Harris will never forget a student (who was not actually in my class) who was on a transgender journey, called “Shakira.”  She always viewed this student–transitioning from male to female–as incredibly bold and courageous to attend school each day dressed in girl’s clothes. This was in the early 2000’s when there was extremely limited acceptance of transgender people. She also fell in love with our student body for opening accepting this very brave young person called “Shakira.” Ms. Harris hopes to accomplish students to  just try to come in here and motivate these students to do their absolute best every day. At present, they have quite a way to go, but if they get there she will feel very fortunate and successful indeed.