Youtube’s change in terms of service


Kelly Rodriguez, Writer

                 Youtubes change in terms of  services

Kelly Rodriguez



Youtube has recently changed its terms of services. Many creators have or will be affected by these new terms and conditions. For this to affect creators they will need over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time, so smaller channels will also be affected by this. Creators have already stated their opinion on this with videos. This will not affect thumbnails or live videos just simply the demonetization. Out of those affected channels only, 99 percent were making less than 100 dollars in the year from last year with less than 90 percent making less than 2 dollars per month. Now, why did this all start well youtube had violated the children’s privacy law and was selling personal information to ads and who they thought where “adults”, both google and youtube had to pay a fine of 170 million dollars to the FDC(Federal Trade  Commission). “, The real impact will be on the creators who focus on family content, and who, in many cases, rely solely on the income made from publishing in this vertical. By January 2020, any channels creating child-focused content such as nursery rhymes, learning games, slime stuff, gaming walkthroughs,dress-up, and a thousand other topics must very clearly label any videos as being aimed at kids.” Anything that is “child-content” will be monetized and the comment section will also be removed so creators won’t be able to communicate with their subscribers if they think your content is aimed at kids(like using dolls, kids toys, etc) they will cut of personalized adds. Demonetization will happen on the type of music used, types of colors, slime type things used in videos.”female-type hobbies” will also be affected by this which of course makes no sense since these “female-type hobbies” that include power tools and other such things.

Creators videos will be demonetized if the system sees/recognizes that their videos are “directed towards kids” will be blocked on youtube and be sent to youtube kids where they will not earn money and again will be blocked from the comment section and notifications. Creators are debating if they should add cursing or “adult-things” to there videos so that the system won’t monetize their video which in reality they are demonetizing more than monetizing. Yet again others are pausing or even leaving their channels until youtube renews their rules or at least changes then.